Pumpkin (17lb) F3

 Red Mahogany Goldendoodle

Deep red  Petite size GoldenDoodle.  She has very  tight, curly coat. She throws nice coat marking to her puppies. She is very cute and easygoing. Full of energy and love everyone she meets. She loves playing with children and other dogs.

  She is 100% nonshedding.

Percy (19lbs) F3

Light red Goldendoodle

She has lower energy, and very calm personality.  Very bright female dog, super sweet.

She has the BEST temperament among our female dogs!

She is wavy coated, nonshedding , She passes her amazing temperament to her puppies.

She is  easy going, and loyal to her family. She would prefer to give to others than to receive…

Pandora 17 lbs

Dark red Doubledoodle

 Pandora is Petite size Doubledoodle. She is  beautiful, sweet and full of energy. She has very thick, curly coat, 100% nonshedding.

She loves belly rub, she is willing to lay down flat for everyone who is willing to rub her belly. She enjoys playing with kids of all ages and other dogs.

Olivia (28 lbs) F3

Apricot Goldendoodle

Energetic , super friendly, intelligent and a quick learner.She has big beautiful eyes and red eyelashes.She is elegant!

She has gorgeous puppies with great conformation. She is well known to all our visitors and love giving kisses on their lips.

Ginger (21 lb) F3

Dark Red Goldendoodle

She is beautiful, so sweet and always happy when she is around people.

She is shy at first, then she will love to sit with you for a long period of time. She has moderate energy .

She is 100% curly coated, nonshedding.

Fajita (22 lb)

Red Mini Ultimate Doubledoodle

She has very soft, wavy coated. She is very sweet and easy going. She lets children do anything with her.

She loves her toys and she is eager to please everyone she meets.  She will sits on their laps and pushes her body against them, giving them kisses. Fajita can be a nice therapy dog.

Paprika (24 lb)

Dark Mahogany  Red Mini Ultimate Doubledoodle

She is spunky and very easy going. She has gorgeous darkest Red Mahogany color, the darkest I have ever seen!  She has very soft wavy, nonshedding coat.  Paprika is very confident. She has nice posture, walking on her long legs. She gets along well with other dogs.

Precious 16lbs

Dark Red Doubledoodle

She has very soft, fleece coated. 100% nonshedding. Her coat is super soft and addictive, making everyone would love to pet and hold her.  She has nice energy, very playful and easy going.

She has beautiful, deep dark red Puppies.  She passess her amazing trait to her puppies.