Australian F3 Goldendoodle

He is 27 lbs.  Very Muscular, round blocky head, round face, round nose with big eyes.
He is a handsome boy with great body conformation. He has soft, Apricot Spiral fleece coat.
He is our best Sire from Melbourne. He Sires many beautiful puppies, several puppies may have green or blue eyes. He is very smart and loyal, he passes his temperament to his Pups.


Red Mini DoubleDoodle , 21 Lbs

This boy has soft  very curly coated. He is fiery red with white blaze on his chest.  Zeus has nice coat marking. He is goofy and friendly to everyone he meets. He enjoys playing hide and seek, chewing balls and learning new tricks.

He has the cutest Teddy bear face that No one could resist. Every one will stop and stares at him wherever we take him with us.


AKC Red toy poodle

He is a 10 lbs. He is AKC from Glomar and R-

Tech line Toy Poodle. He is red, very thick, tight

curly coat.

He is smart, nice low energy. He Sires beautiful puppies.

Red Cayenne

Deep Red Toy Poodle

He Is 7lbs, AKC from Glomar and R- Tech line toy poodle. He is dark red, very thick curly fur. Just a Beautiful dog !

Red Cayenne

Is a 7 lb Deep Red Toy Poodle. He is AKC from Glomar and R-Tech Line Toy Poodle. He is a very smart boy!  He  thinks he is “the man in the House”. He leads the pack, loves playing with all puppies born in our home. Just amazing little guy!